As much as we try to let go of past mistakes as well as the ones of others, we fail. Those hurtful memories influence the person that we know ourselves to be. It is with that knowledge that we must choose. Will we use it as a crutch to punish all others that cross our paths in the future? Will we allow it to be the poison that in the end destroys us? We should know better. What we should do is accept that what’s done is done and take the risk of hurt once again. No one wants to suffer a pain that they’ve felt before but life is nothing if not a challenge. Each morning that we wake up is a gift. We have another day to impact the world. Yes we can be hurt again and again, but don’t let the unknown be a killing blow. Take a deep breath and accept that we don’t know what the future holds for us. If you find yourself harmed by those you trusted, shake it off and know better than to let them do it again. But don’t punish people for something that they didn’t and may never do to you.

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