Where’s the Sunshine and Roses?

The NW hasn’t been blessed with good summer weather as of yet. It’s amazing how much the weather can affect the flow of my day. But hey, I don’t live in Miami so I know not to count on sunshine out here. But it’s JUNE!

We are 300 days away from our wedding. Go ahead and use the math skills to find out what day I become a wife (April 17th, 2011). I think about the wedding all the time, often in my dreams too. I’m most anxious for the days beyond our wedding. The everyday life of our family is where the bliss is.
 Just last week Garrick finished his Associates Degree at Clark College. I hope to accomplish the same one day. It’s difficult trying to work, finish a degree so I’ll never be under qualified for a job, and yet still have time for our kids. I’m learning to be patient in life. I’ve got the time to make the right moves. I know that no one is guaranteed tomorrow, but life is also not a race. I’m very fortunate to be where I am, and have such loving supportive family members. I couldn’t ask for more. Well maybe a winning lottery ticket but then I couldn’t ask for more.

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