Honored to be a Matron

I was asked to be my best friend’s Matron of Honor in her wedding on September 8th. The word honor is definitely fitting because I was truly honored to be asked. Since that moment I have spent a lot of my time researching inspiration and thinking of ways I can make this easier and more affordable for the bride. That’s my job; help the bride get hitched without a hitch.
I’ve designed her invitations and RSVP cards recently. We have the paper, so pretty soon we will print them. Her theme is Vintage so I have an idea about how to make the edges look old but still classy for her wedding. I cross my fingers it works out. We are also doing some cool things for the ceremony with wine bottles to hold candles and new postcards that appear old. It will be fun to post photographs of all of these after her wedding which is just 206 days away! It seems like an eternity when it’s your own wedding. I remember that the night before my own wedding I thought wow this used to be 300 days away… and now it’s HERE. ❤
Helping plan someones wedding is much easier than planning your own. You get to be involved in all of the fun and be left out of the stressing side associated with prices. The wedding industry sure is a money maker. I almost feel like I should venture into event planning one day (because I like it, not just because of the money). I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the planning of her bridal shower and that is not for another six months. I wish I could share what I’ve come up with so far but I can’t tip off the bride to what I’ve got in store for her. Be sure to check back in September for some post bridal shower pictures.

Take a look at the soon-to-be Andersen family here: http://nicholasandaleigha.ourwedding.com/

One thought on “Honored to be a Matron

  1. I FRICKIN LOVE YOU MY MATRON! You have been such a great help! More than a help, you have basically planned it. I gave you my theme and you ran with it. You have a talent! I am honored to know you and have you in my life I am so thankful you agreed to being a part of my BIG day!


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