Va Va Va Valentine

Yes, today is a consumer holiday and we love each other every day not just today. That said, I can’t lie and say that I don’t like seeing my husband walk into my work with red roses and a sweet card professing his love. He’s done this for my birthday and another day just because, but today he gave in to tradition and showed me some love. Happy wife over here!

My daughter had her first Valentine’s Day party today. When I picked her up she was very excited to show me all of the cards she received. She also had smudges of red frosting all over her face and hands from a cupcake. She gave me her Valentine from Lily because it was Harry Potter and said “Here mom, this is for you because it’s your favorite movie. Maybe you can hang it up at work and show your friends.” Of course I did what she suggested. 🙂 I gave her a red rose from Garrick, her step-dad and she beamed at it. “Why did he give me this, because he loves me?” Well of course he does.

Today, my friend’s infant son Mason is recovering from a successful catheter surgery on his heart. At eight days old he is proving to be a tough guy just like his momma. He will need to see a cardiologist as he grows and have another surgery as an adult, but thanks to amazing technology, doctors, and research, he is going to lead a strong and healthy life. We are so grateful he received such top notch care. Mason’s life could not have been saved without the knowledge gained from research foundations like The Children’s Heart Foundation.
Join me today in supporting further research and saving more children’s lives. Every 15 minutes, a child is born with a heart defect. It takes less than 15 minutes donate to the cause that saves their lives.

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