My Visit to Kindergarten

Today I fulfilled a dream of mine, to volunteer in my child’s classroom. I remember being a kid and seeing my mom in my class. It made me so happy and I felt special because she came. Today I was the volunteer mom and my daughter smiled proudly at me. She focused in class but occasionally she’d sneak looks at me. Her classmate named Omar wasn’t so sneaky. He waved a lot and came to talk to me quite a few times. 🙂

Teachers have a lot of patience. There were several times that I wanted to stand up and wrangle-up the wild kids with my “mom voice”. I held it in and Mr. London took care of it quite nicely with such calmness. He would threaten to take away points from their groups and that seemed to work well.

We played BINGO in Spanish, wrote a comic in Spanish, practiced the English alphabet, practiced the days of the week, the months of the year, and learned two new words: square and rectangle. I was quite impressed that the students could follow along and understand the teacher in both languages. The dual language program at her school is amazing and I am so glad I was able to visit and help in Kindergarten today.

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