A Year of Memories in a Vase

I found the idea for this on Pinterest (oh how I love that site). There they had a jar with different colors and sizes of papers folded inside. The papers have written memories from throughout the year and you wait to read them at New Years.

I was fortunate to find this pinned idea just after NY 2012. My husband and I spent our 2012 New Years at a dive bar last minute. We still had a great time and we got the midnight kiss with champagne and balloons dropping, but we could have just as easily enjoyed the holiday at home. With that in mind I pitched this memory idea to my husband. He agreed it was a great idea and we’ve been writing memories since. Though I imagine I out number his memories four to one. 🙂

Instead of a jar I used the vase from our floating unity candle at our wedding. It has our A and wedding date inscribed on it. It holds the memories and I get to display the vase! Two birds one stone, eh? I am a little bit of a freak when it comes to things matching or coordinating so we use a single white pad for writing. That way they look the same. When we are done I plan to put the papers in a book or collage them in a vintage frame. So come back next year to see.

I anxiously look forward to New Years 2013. We definitely have made plans for the holiday!

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