Oh Mr. Sandman…

…bring me a dream

Have you seen the Kia commercial where the sandman trips and spills too much dream dust on the sleeping guy? He has a wild dream about racing the car and Victoria Secret models are in the audience. Well where was my sandman last night?

Last night I had horrid dreams. I was climbing a wall with another girl and all I could think about was how awful it would be if we fell. Then she did. I climbed down to help her but she was flat on a broken back. Who was she? I don’t know. In another dream, my husband informs me that he’s dying. He drank too much of some type of tea that is apparently poisonous. But he loves tea (in the dream) so we don’t know which one it was. I was of course heart broken.

I’d like to think that my subconscious dreams these things up for a reason. A dream dictionary says that death in a dream signifies a birth in real life. I admit that when I’ve dreamt of death a friend or family member has announced a pregnancy. But he didn’t die in the dream. So why is my relaxed dream brain so disturbed? In that same dream Manny from Modern Family had a flame thrower and was lighting things on fire.

To lighten things up a bit, I’ll share some other fun dreams that I’ve had.

I’ve dreamt that a sea lion was in my house and wouldn’t stop kissing me on the cheek. I tried to put it in the back yard because there was a lake but the lake turned into a bog. So it didn’t work out.

I’ve dreamt that I had a confidential package that the mafia wanted. I got it to a friend safely and then shot the mobster chasing me which was again Manny from Modern Family. Why him? I don’t know.

I’ve also dreamt of being naked on a stage in the middle of a bookstore. I left the stage and tried to hide under a table display. Other times I’ve been naked in clothing stores and have hidden in the clothing rounders.

I know there have been others even crazier that I don’t remember. I bet keeping a dream journal would be good reading material. What crazy dreams have you had?

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