An Early Arrival in Our Family

My nephew Mason was born March 5th, weighing in at 6.1 pounds and 19 inches. He’s a teeny little bean. He just couldn’t wait to meet his super cool auntie so he pushed his way out 24 days early. He is perfectly healthy and has a gorgeous head of hair. I am so excited about this new role of auntie. He will be loved, adored and spoiled by me.
Holding him in my arms with my 6 year old daughter was surreal. I kept having flash backs to that moment in my life when she was so tiny. She was a little bigger at 7.6 pounds. You see your child every day and you watch them slowly grow each of those days. They grow in inches, they develop a new word as they learn to talk and then suddenly you wonder “where has all the time gone”? You look at pictures and you hold your friend’s babies and you can’t help but reminisce about your own child. You hope that when your baby was that age that you appreciated their cuteness and that you held and kissed them enough. Reality is, yes you did love them enough. Yes you did appreciate every day that they slowly grew. It’s just that once those days are gone, you miss them. The growth of your child is beautifully bittersweet.
You say you’ll remember everything wonderful that your child does but it’s just not possible. So take a lot of pictures and even better, take videos that you can watch later in life. You’ll be glad you did.

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