Can You be Zero?

Yesterday evening, we went to visit my nephew Mason at home. He’s been out of the hospital for one whole day at this point and my son Isaiah hadn’t met him yet. I assumed that he wouldn’t really be interested in an infant but I took him anyway because he should meet his new cousin.
At first he was a little apprehensive. I offered to sit by him with the baby and he said no and instead sat further away from me. After some time he did come close to me and even asked to hold him. It was precious.
The highlight of the evening was when Isaiah asked me how old he is. Here is a rough re-cap of that conversation in which others also tried to chime in and help me.
I: “How old is he?”
“Three days old”
I: “No. How old is he?”
“He’s three days old”
I: “I know that but how old is he?”
(What?) “He is three days old. Remember when your dad dropped you off at school in the morning three days ago? That’s the day he was born. So he’s three days old.”
I: “No. I know that but how old is he?”
This goes back and forth a few more times and others in the house try to help him understand the concept of age in days.
I: “Ok, I’m four. So is he zero?” as he holds his hand up in the air in a fist.
Everyone in the room looks at each other, “yes he’s zero”. LOL

3 thoughts on “Can You be Zero?

  1. That was so funny and of course, cute! Oh, oh, I'm sure Halle did something cute there as well, you'd better write it down. LOL! 🙂 Nani


  2. Yes they are at that stage where everything has to be the same and equal. If I tell one to do something they ask \”Well what about (the other)\”. I adore them anyhow. Most of the time. 🙂


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