It’s Better Than Tax Day…

Today is known as “Tax Day” to most, but for me it’s more special than that. As of today I have been married to the most wonderful man in the world for a year.

Sarah Costa Photography

Seeing how we promised each other forever, we have PLENTY
of anniversaries to come. This one is of course the most special because it’s our first. I’d like to tell you that our first year of marriage was pure bliss but I won’t. That newly-wed bliss stuff is pure B.S. sorry to say. Like normal couples we had high ups and low downs in the year. The magic of it all is that we were married and able to support each other through all of it. Some of the hardest things we’ve ever had to face happened in our first year and I wouldn’t have gotten through it all without that sexy man by my side.

Every woman probably says she’s the luckiest woman in the world but she’s lying because clearly I am that lucky woman. 😉  Good day or bad day, I wake up to and go to sleep next to my counterpart. Despite being the funniest, kindest, most thoughtful man I’ve ever known he’s also a perfect gentleman. Chivalry isn’t dead! I am blessed because my daughter and step-son are growing up in a house with an amazing role model. By example, Isaiah will learn how a real man should behave and Halle will learn how a woman should be treated by a real man.

I thank my lucky stars that he walks by me every day. Happy Anniversary to us!

I love you love; more than life, more than these words.

3 thoughts on “It’s Better Than Tax Day…

  1. Congratulations! That's one. Can you believe Carl and I will celebrate 39 years in July? I too have a great man by my side. I'll settle for being the second luckiest woman. 🙂


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