Time is money?

Most of us have heard that saying “time is money”. Really, what does that mean? We all know that famous sayings start out with “well you know what they say”… who is they? In this case, according to Wikipedia, “they” refers to Benjamin Franklin. 
Time is money” is a saying first promulgated by Benjamin Franklin referring to the notion that time is valuable and money is wasted when a person’s time is not used productively.
The phrase may also refer to:
  • ·         Time is Money (South Park Mexican album), a hip hop album released in 2000
  • ·         Time Is Money (Styles P. album), a hip hop album released in 2006
  • ·         “Time Is Money,” song by rapper Akon featuring Big Meech and Rock City
  • ·         Time Is Money (DuckTales), a 1988 DuckTales TV movie, reedited into five episodes
    of the series
Thank you Wiki for making that phrase much clearer.
In my own life and probably yours too there just isn’t enough time in the day. We spend so much of our time at work and school. We get home and we tend to the house, the yard and the meals. By the time I am done with my daily responsibilities it’s 8:00pm and the kids are in bed. But it’s not really over yet. That’s when I get my homework done. So hopefully I’m in bed at 10:00. Sure I could do it earlier in the day but that means having to tell the kids “not right now I’m busy”. I refuse to do that to them too often.
I was fortunate to grow up with a stay at home mom. She always had time for us. We only needed to leave her alone while she cooked and I’m not sure we really did that either. My mom always had time for us and I developed a very strong bond with her. She’s constantly there for me and I’ve never had an ounce of doubt about it.
So here I am, the mom, making time for my kids. I don’t have as much of it to give to them as my mom did but I make the effort to do the most with the hours I have. My children will know that they can interrupt me to talk. They know that I will stop what I’m doing and help them. We read books, we ride bikes, and we play together. My time is very valuable. I agree that “time is money”. That’s why the time I have at home belongs to my family first. Now if I could get paid cash for it… that would be winning. =]

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