Wild and Crazy Dreams

If you’ve been pregnant, or know someone who has been pregnant than you know that one of the common “symptoms” is crazy dreams. I know it doesn’t sound legit but it’s very much true. I had wild dreams with my first pregnancy and this time is no different. I had fun logging some of them to share on my blog after I officially announced I was pregnant. Lately the dreams aren’t as crazy or occurring as often. Here are some of the odd, wild, and funny ones I’ve had in my first trimester.
3/17/12 – My husband’s ex-girlfriend and her boyfriend were hanging out in my bedroom at my parent’s house. It looked like my bedroom from high school but it wasn’t exactly the same. I remember being embarrassed that my room wasn’t clean. They were hanging out on my twin bed, laying on their stomachs and chatting with me. Her son, (my step-son) was there too. They had come to pick him up and decided to just linger in my bedroom.
3/19/12 – I was at a random parking garage in search of gold. I ran into an old friend Owen Frasier who agreed to help me. We lifted the lid from the sewer and within reach were blocks of gold. They were clear with a gold tint but we knew them in the dream as blocks of gold. They were light and fit in the palm of our hands. We pocketed them and then left when a man began to chase us. I woke before anything else happened.
3/20/12 – My friend Adrean was renting an apartment in downtown for only a month before she moved away to Arizona. It was in a building that my friend Brittany used to live in, but this apartment looked nothing like the real apartments in that building. It was large and modern with beautiful cabinets and countertops in the kitchen. I remember that there was a big space where the stove was missing. Adrean told me that that was how she got such a deal on this amazing apartment. She had said “who cares” because she doesn’t need a stove. The plan was that when she moved our friend Brittany would move into the apartment.
That same night after waking and going back to sleep I dreamt that I was in a trailer at a trailer park. I don’t remember anything else about this dream except that I think we were trying to sell it?
04/07/12 – I dreamt that it was the day of my best friend’s wedding. I am her matron of honor so I should have been up to date on details. In the dream I was very misinformed. I didn’t know that she changed her theme until the day of the ceremony and I was panicking. I had a champagne dress while all of the other girls were wearing a light blue dress. Our friend Rachelle was still pregnant in her dress however I would have sworn that her son was supposed to be at the wedding. (In real life he was born in February.) Someone told me that none of the groom’s family from his dad’s side was going to attend because the ceremony was at his mother’s house. Because her father-in-law wasn’t attending he also wouldn’t be there to perform the ceremony as planned. We never resolved who would marry them. He also built their wedding arch which wouldn’t be there either so instead they improvised with an old dresser with some flowers on it. I realized I didn’t have shoes on my feet but the bride said that it was okay. They laid sand in the aisle so my bare feet went with a beach theme. I had to change into my dress outside with people around so I slid it on under my sweatshirt. My husband stood right in front of me to keep people from seeing my body. Aleigha fully dressed in her gown and hair done was zipping my dress behind me. Sandwiched between them I am freaking out at what the day had turned into while the bride didn’t seem to care at all. Then suddenly my husband is love struck and begins to make out with me passionately while Aleigha is still zipping my dress. It abruptly ends there.
4/14/12 – I was visiting a very large mansion in my dream for a reason I do not know. There were about 50 or so high school kids. I knew them, but I didn’t know them well. I just knew of them. With a teenage attitude they were working hard to decorate this mansion for Christmas. The thing that was odd is that they took all of their hard work down at the end of the day. I asked someone why and they told me that “he has us do this every day”. I discover that “he” is Kelsey Grammar, also known as Frasier Crane from TV. So the next day, same thing; everyone is working to fill his need for a daily Christmas. For whatever reason I have the balls to stand up to him and tell him we are done with this. We won’t decorate his mansion for Christmas every day. I and the rest of the group of kids walk out into the sunlight leaving him hanging a wreath at the top of the stairs in his mansion.

4/17/12 – The night of my one year wedding anniversary
I dreamt that I was on some kind of space ship thing like star wars or star trek (I’ve never seen either one though). The leader (who was seriously worshipped) was some blonde broad named Barbie. Apparently the purpose of this ship is to design new Barbie’s. I have some seriously genius ideas about new designs but I hate being on this ship and I am openly hostile to Barbie. She is my enemy but at this point in the dream I’m not sure why yet. I am forced to go to Barbie and give her my ideas for her to steal when I see my husband poke his head around the corner. He then walks in and I realize why I hate Barbie, she stole my man! Garrick is infatuated with her and he’s her “play-thing”. Needless to say I am furious. I don’t go after her but rather manage to wrap my hands around his throat and pin him to the wall. Some odd security type people remove me and I get locked up. It’s in this stage that I plan a take-over. I lead about 100 people to take over the ship. I woke up for work in the middle of the chaos.

When I woke up I kissed my husband and told him I had a bad dream. He asked what happened and I told him that he left me for a blonde broad. He replied, “nooo, never”. (Good answer) 
4/23/12 – I had several dreams this night. At one point my friend Haley was driving me, my kids and her daughter somewhere. She ran a blatant red light on a turn to the freeway and we were almost hit by a car. I was terrified. Then as we are driving we pass several police officers who have pulled people over. I see that one guy who is handcuffed gets hit on the head with a bottle of whiskey by the officer. I call the police station to report it and they tell me to come down to make a statement. The woman who helps me is the red headed director from older episodes of NCIS. She held my hand and calmed me down.
At another point of slumber my doctor told me something may be wrong with my baby. She said I could risk it if I wanted to, but I could also replace it. I spent time debating if I wanted to remove the baby and insert a replace baby that is healthy in my stomach. I was very torn about it. I never decided.

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