Hating is Caring

Someone close to me asked how it is possible that I don’t hate people. Of course there are people in this world that will hurt us bad. They make us so angry and we can’t understand what evil motivates them to do or say the things that they do. In return, people tend to “hate” those evil doers whether they admit it or not. I say “admit it or not” because plenty of us will say that we don’t hate, we just dislike; because after all, hate is such a strong word. I truly hate no one, despite having the right to. So how is that possible? 
I am too good of a person to be dragged down by any negative person or energy. It is my belief that hate is not acceptable because it means that I care. If I hate you, then that means I care enough about you or your actions to hate you. If there is anything that will drive me crazier than a person who means to cause me misery, it is letting that person know that they have succeeded. It grinds my gears to give anyone the satisfaction of knowing that they got to me. Isn’t that what they want anyway? If I truly don’t like a person or want to associate with them, I won’t. I don’t lose sleep at night trying to understand the evil in their brain, or their lack of a heart. I don’t take actions to cause them grief. I don’t even talk about them or their actions to another person. Because all of those actions say that they matter in my life in even a miniscule way. If they’ve done me wrong they are nothing to me. 
It’s simple to understand but it just might take time for you to feel this way for yourself. If someone did you wrong, they don’t deserve a part of you. Good riddance! Don’t evaluate what motivates others. Evaluate what motivates you and better yourself.
In short, I won’t take the time to hate. If I do, it means that I care. I don’t.

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