She’s Almost a Housewife

By definition my friend Aleigha will not be a housewife when she gets married. She’ll take her honeymoon and like many modern wives, will return to work. She will work outside and inside the home of course. Mom’s/Wives never get a break!

I had a great time planning and executing her bridal shower. I admit that I love being a Matron of Honor. It’s exciting to assist the bride in her planning. I spent a year planning my own and then immediately began on hers. It’s been a fun ride. Much more enjoyable since I am not the one paying this time.
With a little more money I could have really ran with this shower theme. I had a million ideas stewing in my head but couldn’t really execute everything I had envisioned. Lucky for me, the bride-to-be didn’t find the event lacking.
Housewife Invite
The games were kept simple. To start we played “Famous Wives” game. Everyone had the name of a famous wife pinned to their back and they had to ask other guests questions that would help them guess who their famous wife was. I was the last to guess correctly despite having made the cards. It was funny to learn what people around me thought of my wife, Madonna. It was great for mingling at the start of the party.
We progressed to playing “The Worst Chore” game. Everyone writes their least favorite chore and why they dislike it so. Then the host reads the answer by saying “Julie hates sex because….” Some of the answers were “It’s never my mess” and “it always takes too long.
To wrap up the games we of course played toilet paper bridal gowns. How can you not right? It’s just what you do. Unfortunately for the guests, the pregnant host (me) forgot to bring the game prizes. Pregnant brain maybe? Well it was fun despite that and no one complained about missing a prize. 
All in all, it was a success. We enjoyed playing housewife.
Registry Card

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