Oh I’m Having a Boy!

It’s no secret that the bundle of joy in my belly is a boy. His name is Grayson. If you know me even from a distance then you already know that. Why am I bringing it up like its brand new information? Well because sometimes it catches me off guard. As if I haven’t known for months.

When I was pregnant with my daughter Halle, I day dreamed about how she would look and how she would behave. I really wanted her to have my nose. I also would have made a deal with the devil if it meant she would have my toes (no such luck unfortunately). But appearance wise, that was all that I really quote-un-quote “cared” about. I most importantly wanted her to be like me on the inside. I wanted her to inherit my kind personality. So far so good; she has a very sweet disposition. She listens well and her teachers always comment on how well behaved she is.
So what do I want for my son? Well my toes of course. Except this time it’s not as serious because Garrick’s feet aren’t awful. I just happen to have cute feet. Hear me tooting my own horn there? Other than feet, can he please be just like my husband? Obviously I adore the man or I wouldn’t have married him.
These things aren’t truly important of course. What matters is that Grayson is born healthy. This just came to mind because of a game that we played at my friends baby shower last year. We all had to guess which features she wanted for her son; mom’s or dad’s. It would be an easy win for someone at my shower because only one answer would be about me, the toes. Otherwise I hope he has dad’s beautiful skin, gorgeous eyes, and hopefully a freckle on the nose too. But what are the odds of that?
I hope he is charismatic like his dad and can pick up pretty much any sport and play it like a professional. I also hope he has good manners (I will be all over this one) and grows up to be a true gentleman like dad. He will open doors for a lady at every opportunity like his daddy does.
Halle, Isaiah, and Grayson are truly blessed to be raised by us. We don’t have much, but we have a ton of love to go around. We will never be at a loss of love and affection which matters more than material things. My daughter will know how she deserves to be treated because of the examples she will see in our household, and my boys will know how to respect a woman when they grow up for the same reason. I’m so happy I took every single good and bad step in life to land where I am today.

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