Bring Home the Goodies!!

KIDS!! I have to write about my kids; all the time. Get used to it!
Today I am just anxiously thinking about my baby shower. It is in just two days. I am looking forward to celebrating that my husband and I successfully created a human being who jumps around in my womb. Let’s all jump around in joy for the little boy who will be born in around six more weeks!
This is obviously my second baby shower. Well third really because I had two when I was pregnant with my daughter. I’ll also have a fourth in two more weeks. Who says you can’t do that? I’ve seen on some chatboards that women get uncomfortable having a shower after they’ve had one child. The same feeling some women have about getting to have a second bridal shower or bachelorette party when they’re getting re-married. Who makes these wack etiquette rules? Why shouldn’t we all celebrate joyous occasions in our lives? Besides, my daughter is 6 and I’m having a boy. Was I supposed to keep everything of hers for six years when I truly wasn’t sure I’d get to have more kids? Of course not. Life has progressed and I am excited to have a shower in honor of Grayson.
A piece of this whole experience I hadn’t considered until today is how excited I am to bring Grayson’s goodies home and set up the world he will live in for the beginning of his life.  I’m realizing that it’s different to bring home a baby into your own home and with your husband. It seems minor but I realize just how much it means to me.
A piece of me will carry guilt for not bringing Halle into the world the same way. However that just wasn’t realistic of a twenty year old mom. I wouldn’t take back any of the moments of our lives leading to this point because we are in such a wonderful place now. We can’t control everything that our three kids will be exposed to in life but at least we know that with us they’re in a very healthy and safe environment.

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