Halloween Wreath DIY

I found a Halloween wreath on Pinterest that I knew I would actually take the time to create. We all pin things to our boards and promise we will follow that same genius idea, then we don’t. Today I went to Michael’s and spent about $20 on materials. The whole process took me about two hours but I took a couple of breaks to grab my son. You know, so he didn’t reach the kitchen knives. It would have taken three times as long if I wasn’t at Grandma’s house. I recommend doing this when the kiddos are gone or asleep. Although, if you have a cat, you’ll have to tie a piece of tulle in a knot for them. Otherwise they sit and paw at your stuff constantly.

What You Need:

12″ foam ring

2 spools black tulle

Assorted flowers and decor of your preference


Hot glue gun

To find the right length, wrap the tulle around the ring twice to fully cover the green, and leave the ends to stick out at the desired length. You can cut the pieces all the same length like the original creator mentions on this blog post. I started making them the same length but then found I liked a random mix of lengths. Wrap each piece around twice, tie in a knot, and scrunch them together.

Wrapping the ring completely took about an hour. I liked having the ends stick straight forward toward me rather than out to the side like the original tutorial.

Fluff it up however you’d like.

Add the pretty pieces. I got lucky at the store today. The flower is a clip and the owl and pumpkins are both picks. I was able to attach them without hot glue simply by tucking them into the tulle wraps. At the end of the season I can take them off and store them separate.

Add some ribbon and hang it on the door. Voila! Easy. I don’t tie pretty bows so I didn’t try it. Happy Halloween!

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