The $7 Costume + Tax

My costume for Scary Sherri’s Halloween Bunko party was under $10 this year. If I didn’t already own mod podg, an exacto knife, foam brush, and duct tape then it would bump up a little bit.

Someone sent me a photo on Facebook of a girl dressed as a”Diction-fairy”. Her wings were dictionary pages pressed out of the dictionary on her book. I found several variations of this costume online after seeing that picture. Needless to say, my costume is not an original. What is anymore?

I decided to be a “Fiction-Fairy,” spreading the joy of reading to others. My cousin Jel would mock me because I don’t read books, I read on my kindle. I am a traitor in her eyes. LOL

Costume Materials:
* Fairy wings from Dollar Tree $1
* Book from Goodwill $6
* Mod Podg
* Foam brush
* Duct tape
* Exacto knife

Of course I used Harry Potter
The glue seeps through so have a page underneath first. Sponge on glue and add the page on top. Press flat. Do multiple layers at different angles.

I didn’t take a photo of adding the book to wings. I ripped out all of the pages from the spine, then used mod podg and duct tape to secure it. I placed book pages over the inside to cover the tape.

I also didn’t catch a good photo of me holding my book mark wand. Lame, I know.

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