Monster’s University – 1st Birthday Party

I love hosting parties. Scratch that, I love decorating and creating all kinds of paper goodies. Is that the same? In any case, my son’s first birthday was a lot of fun for me. I had the theme picked out when he was six months old. I can’t take full credit for it. My brother had the idea to have a birthday party for my nephew that was themed around Mason going to college. I made invitations with Mason wearing a graduation cap laid over a diploma. For gifts (while not required) guests brought money to contribute to his college fund. My own son has plenty of toys and doesn’t know the difference so I decided to copy this idea. Lucky for me, Monster’s University was released this year. Tie the two together and everyone thinks I’m a genius.

For months I kept my eye on the dollar spots at all sorts of stores. There where Monster’s University stuff everywhere to promote the movie release. I scoured Pinterest for ideas. Most were related to the original Monster’s Inc. movie because the University edition was still quite new. I wish I could say I’m so creative that I thought of everything myself. Thanks to Pinterest no one has completely original ideas. We all inspire each other.

I really held back. I didn’t want to get out of control with decorating, especially since I have two older kids that have had very simple parties in the past. I’m sure they will expect more extravagance if they see it for their brother. I love how it turned out and everyone who came had a good time.

Card box, Monster cupcakes, Cake
Monster Photo Booth Props, Monster’s Student ID Cards, Scream Canister Party Favors
Monster Booth
Monster Booth
Smash Cake. We pulled out the doors and used a candle when it was time to sing.

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