No Year’s Resolution!

The last post was in November 2013?! Has nothing in my life amounted to a blog post in the last two months?

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions. I’m one of those super cool people who think they’re super cool because they don’t need a new year to make changes. Some 8% of resolutions are actually kept. The gym is packed every January – February before it burns out. So why mention it?

For years I’ve said, “I’m going to run a marathon one day.” You can imagine where this is going. I haven’t ran a marathon yet. In December I started paying more attention to my food choices and daily water intake. I also started doing yoga again almost everyday. I even tried to do it while the baby was still awake simply because my daughter wanted to do yoga with me. Look how that turned out.

Today after work I’m going to start “running”. I’ve downloaded an app with a plan to get me to the Shamrock Run in March, a 5k. I have friends with the same goals so if the app doesn’t get me there, I know them dragging me along will. I didn’t make this plan anywhere near the new year holiday so it is NOT a resolution. Remember, I’m cooler than that. 😉

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