I Almost Killed the Tooth Fairy

Call me lazy, but last night when my nine year old lost her tooth I almost said, “it’s me! I’m the tooth fairy!” Why would I ruin the sweet belief my child has in a fairy? I was tired from the previous night of little sleep thanks to her two year old brother. When she walked out of the bathroom holding the tooth that she pulled out herself, I smiled outside while inside I said, “damnit, I have to stay awake late tonight.” I am impressed that she still believes in the tooth fairy. I don’t want to ruin the magic for her, but I was tempted. Lucky for her, I randomly woke up in the middle of the night and therefore placed two dollars under her pillow for the bloody tooth. Had I not woken up by chance, I would have accidentally missed the chance to make the exchange and we would have had a serious talk the next morning before school.

This morning she came out of her room holding a single dollar. I asked her if she was sure there was only one. She replied that she was sure. So I went into her room and found the other bill hiding behind her mattress. I’ll be damned if the tooth fairy looks cheap. Suprisingly enough, this didn’t arouse suspicion and the fairy lives on. If my eight year old stepson loses a tooth at our house I’ll be considering the death of the tooth fairy once again.

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