Three Years of Love and Chaos

Oh my son, how wild you are. Literally every time I try to get you dressed or put on your coat I have to chase you. Once you realize a wardrobe change is coming you run giggling to the next room. This is my fault. When you were 10 months old I chased you around the house. You’ve enjoyed running from me ever since. Every morning you want a cup of “milk, quease (please)”. We watch PJ Masks in the morning which you call “batman”. Why can’t daddy cuddle with you and watch it? “Way-down Momma.” Most days you would rather sit in time-out than eat food that is not pizza or cake. If I’m feeding you, your mouth remains closed. When daddy comes along you take a bite. You always deliver a good night kiss, noseies, bonk, and a pound-it (in that order) to daddy and then snub me. The funny thing about our night time snub is that you still expect me to cuddle with you. “Momma, way-down.” You may have slept through-the-night one time in the last three years. You sleep alone but at some time of the night you will loudly enter our room and sleep on my pillow. We have a king size bed yet I’m always at the edge because we have to share my pillow. Yes, I have switched to a second pillow but you find your way right next to me on any pillow I’m using.

You are a strong willed child. You challenge me everyday, yet you are set in enough routines to be predicatble as well. Our blended family was united by you when you were born. I guess you don’t take that responsibility lightly. Daddy is your favorite to play with, and you expect me to do all of the care-taker responsibilities. “No, momma do it!” You will run into your sister’s room at any time the door is left open. Once you’re in she struggles to get you back out. You expect to play video games with your brother every time he is home as soon as you see him. You try to pillow fight with him and run around the house but he’s too strong and you boys aren’t supposed to run in the house. It’s too loud!

I whine and complain about the challenging personality you have and yet I am hoping it serves you well in adulthood. Don’t ever lose your will to get what you want. Set goals high and achieve them. I love everything about you, including the stubborness you throw at all of us. When you’re excited you squeeze your arms in, your nose crinkles, your eyes squint tight, and your smile is huge. It is the sweetest sight and you give it to us daily. It’s easy to play with you and keep you happy. If it’s an off-day, well then you have your ipad. 😉

I love you my sweet son. Happy third birthday!


Employee at trampoline place: “Please stay behind the line”
**He stands on the line**

IMG_8987.JPG“I get more cake.”

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