The 5th Wave

Why must you read The 5th Wave? Because it’s amazing! Not to mention the cover is pretty bad-ass so you can judge this one on appearances. Honestly, I didn’t read it. I listened to the audio book because I’m trying to do that instead of music while at work. It was a great decision. The girl and boy who read this book are talented. They made me feel the emotions of all the characters in the story. It was similar to watching the movie (which I plan to do very soon). My only regret is that I allowed myself to get attached to this series when the final book is set to release in May. If I had been smart, I’d have waited until May and then “binge-listened” to the series. Since I am impatient I will have to buy the actual book for The Last Star because I doubt I’ll be able to wait for the audio file.

Why did I find this series to be amazing?

  •  I love dystopian novels
  • The main character is a teenager and yet her youth isn’t annoying. That sounds terrible, but honestly teens in stories can be too much for my old soul to take. She is resilient in a very tragic situation. Any normal girl or guy in this story would have to dig deep to reach her level of tough.
  • The story isn’t predictable. If you read a lot of fiction you start to pick up on clues within a story. Rick Yancey does a great job of spinning enough theories from the characters that the reader can’t decide which one they think is true.
  • The love story isn’t overpowering. It’s important to the story but it’s a side feature. There are bigger issues in the book but love does play a good role.
  • The kids are outnumbered, so how can they beat the odds against them? The human race is being wiped out in waves. With so few of them, all teens and kids, how can they possibly survive? They keep going, they keep fighting, and each turn in the story is an edge-of-seat thrill. There is more than one climax in the story. Things “get crazy” more than once.

Start reading or listening to this book now. It’s better than Divergent and Hunger Games. YES, I said that. Maybe wait until May if you’re a fast reader.

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