Do you have enough nerve?

The year 2015 was the last year of my 20’s. In American culture it’s symbolic (for most people) to turn 30. It was for me as well. It was fun, and not too serious. I had a surprise Harry Potter party with my family. We’re only as old as we feel after all! I am grateful for the opportunity to age. It’s a luxury not given to everyone.
What’s so special about me? Nothing outrageous I tell you. I’m a mother of three who finished her degree at 30 and began a healthy lifestyle at 29. It’s my mission to tell everyone it’s never too late to start working toward their goals.
Don’t let the length of time to complete a goal feel so daunting that you don’t even try. If you’re fortunate, that time is going to pass you by regardless. Why not take active steps toward any goal of yours no matter how big or small? I was 20 the first time I went to college. I went back when I was 26. By then I’d acquired a stepchild and would later give birth to another child. There’s a program out there fit for everyone. Go at your own pace because eventually you’ll reach the day when you’re finished. College isn’t for everyone. No pressure from me here. It was the right choice for me despite it being time consuming. In my mind it was worth all of my effort. I hope I still think so when I’m repaying the loans. 😉
It’s never too late to be a better you. For me, that meant my health. There are hundreds of articles to read about cancer as well as many other diseases and how they’re linked to our foods, electronics, and Tupperware. At first I started small. I worked out at home and I cut soda and fast food. Then I joined a gym after I realized I wanted to keep going. Food is the hardest part of a healthy lifestyle. We will always love the bad stuff we shouldn’t love. I have those things here and there. Health is a marathon not a race. I’ve tightened in further on food and surprised myself when I came to like broccoli and spinach. I’ve been a lifetime hater of vegetables.  
What has been the result? I have improved levels of energy and overall happiness. Exercise and food can be a serious anti-depressant. While I’m thrilled that it’s also helped me drop some baby weight, the best part about your health is that it will sustain you. It makes you happier and betters the odds that you won’t develop some of the avoidable illnesses. I don’t want to leave my family any earlier than I have to and taking care of me is really the best course of action that   I can take to be preventative.
Whatever your goal is – heath, career, education – go for it. You’re never too old to make the first step on a long journey. We have one life to live and I believe that we have to keep reaching for ways to improve ourselves.

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