Fire Touched by Patricia Briggs

Mercy Thompson = one of the best heroines ever written.

If you’re new to this series, these are a few things I think you should know (I might think of more later):

  1. The books are told from Mercy’s perspective. She is one tough woman with a heart of gold. It’s easy to like her character.
  2. In my opinion, this series does the best at depicting the dynamic of a werewolf pack. Also, it’s refreshing to read about a tough alpha male who isn’t dominant over his partner. He’s loving and gentle with Mercy. Dominance is expressed by Adam but, it’s among the wolves and it’s not as aggressively depicted as I’ve seen by other authors. It’s a respected and appreciated power.
  3. You can read each book as a stand alone but, like any series, it’s best to start at the beginning. The author Patricia Briggs does a great job of providing mini re-caps of things you need to know in each book. I can’t stand when the re-cap takes about a page or two and is so “in your face”. I love an author who sneaks in story reminders in more smooth transitional ways.
  4. They have sex… but you don’t read “how”. 🙂  Trust me, I love some steamy romance novels. This series just happens to be a nice break away from those. They’re adults and you read the prelude to their love-making, but there’s no play by play. It’s OK, I promise. 😉

In Fire Touched, we follow Mercy on her mission to find peace with the Gray Lords. She makes a bold declaration to protect all beings of her city which causes quite a stir among pack members, humans, the fae, and definitely The Gray Lords (old fae rulers). Mercy tends to land in tough spots like this regularly. Her intentions are always good even if everyone is distracted by the trouble that her good ideas can cause them. It was an entertaining read to say the least. I anxiously wait for “Silence Fallen” this March.

BTW, I think it’s time I found Mercy’s personal trainer.

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