The Not-So-Halloween Decoration

I frequent Target stores a few times a week. Like many, I spend plenty on each trip. That is why I kept passing the opportunity to buy this cute black-framed square Halloween art. It was only $3, but I waited, and now it’s gone from my local stores. They don’t sell it online. I don’t even have a picture of the original decor.

It was a stand alone square with what appeared to be book page collage on the front and “trick or treat” printed in black over the book pages.

For the price of free (because I had all of these things already) I made my own. It started out as an idea of replication, then evolved into something better. I selected some of the best moments from HP The Deathly Hallows. Then after debating between trick or treat, thankful, fall, and boo, I decided on “Always”. Duh right?

Now I have year-long decor but it looks nice for October too. 😛
[ My actual HP book was not harmed for the project. It was a used copy from Goodwill ]

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