ASSERTION = a confident and forceful statement of fact or belief.

“Poor people are lazy and abusing the system” = an assertion.  There are people in this country who are poor because they work a job that won’t pay them enough to ever be considered rich. They are kind people making an honest living. They’re working the jobs that are beneath many people but must be done by someone. We can’t ALL work the same jobs making big bucks. YES, there are people without morals who will take a free ride on a system meant to help humanity do better in this world. BUT, there are also people rich as hell who also have no morals and cheat different systems. Not everyone looks down on them though. Many people admire them because they did “whatever it took” to get to the top. Trust me, I know good poor people AND good rich people. We are all individuals with our own choices to make. We can’t keep trying to group everyone together. My advice is to avoid making such grand assertions. They are not facts. 

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