Blood Fury by J.R. Ward

Blood Fury by J.R. Ward has been added to my list of completely satisfying books from the Black Dagger Brotherhood/Legacy. Honestly, not a single one of the books from this world has disappointed. Sure, I cried big ugly tears on an airplane when I finished The Shadows, I still loved the book. When a book makes you cry like that, it’s legit. 😏

What I enjoy about Ward’s books is that while there is a main story-line, there is always a secondary story between another couple. Not to mention little side issues in the works that tend to be preludes to the next book. I have friends who can’t stand to read a series because they don’t like a continuous story (yes they’re crazy). Ward almost always completes a section of someone’s story for us in each book while continuing or beginning another’s.

Peyton definitely had his issues with self worth that were sad and I felt for him, but it was Novo that I was crying about. Her personal tragedy that she endured was just heart wrenching. My own experience wasn’t nearly as traumatizing but I was able to relate closely which made her character seem to jump off the pages into my soul. J.R. Ward painted that picture very accurately.

Saxton has been recovering from the loss of his first love Blay. I never felt too sorry for Saxton because he was a casualty of my favorite Black Dagger couple. Blay always belonged with Qhuinn. Unfortunately Saxton had to be heartbroken for me to FINALLY see those two together. That said, I’m glad Saxton meets his match. FYI – not a spoiler, it’s in the book description.

J.R. Ward writes love scenes that make you sweat just reading them. 

If you read nothing else from the series you could still enjoy this book. All of the emotional turmoil is very well written. Of course all of lovemaking is pretty damn steamy. So jump out of your slow-paced reads and jump into the action of The Black Dagger Legacy.

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