Frankincense for Emotional Support – Week One

I’ve completed pretty consistent use of Frankincense daily for a week. I was advised to roll it over my heart every three hours for emotional support. That is a little impractical for my lifestyle, so I have been successful in my goal of three times a day. Here’s what I’ve learned thus far:

I have learned to like the smell.

Frankincense has a very earthy smell. I barely tolerated this oil when I opened my starter kit from Young Living. After a week of rolling this on my chest daily, I’ve learned to do one small streak rather than rolling it back and forth. One swipe is plenty of oil. The scent has grown on me. I don’t mind it like I used to. My oily guru/friend says I was averted to the smell because my body truly needed Frankincense.

Frankincense is assisting my battle with depression.

Without serious trauma or distinct reasons to so-called “justify” my depressive mood swings, I lived a long time without knowing my inner monologue was not normal. I noticed that it truly escalated around my menstrual cycle. After pinpointing the pattern I was diagnosed with PMDD. I’m on a daily anti-depressant but sometimes it’s just not enough support. I can honestly say that after my first week I believe the properties in Frankincense are helping keep me in good spirits. For the last month I’ve been too moody and bleh feeling to even read a book (check out my blog, reading is what I do). I just regained that drive to read books a few days ago. That is HUGE for me. I can’t help feeling like Frank is part of the equation here.

My improvement is not limited to Frank. 

I diffuse citrus fresh, or grapefruit oil at my desk at work. I diffuse lavender with patchouli or cedar wood at night for improved sleep. Have you ever noticed that certain smells make you smile? Maybe you don’t smile but you say “ahhh” with a contented exhale. In any case, these oils make me smile because their soothing. When I’m super stressed, I feel relief even for just a moment. That’s the magic of oils that keeps me going daily.

To learn more about Frankincense and its MANY uses click here

If you’re interested in the starter kit from Young Living which includes a gorgeous diffuser, Frankincense, and several other valuable oils, click here.
/// I am not a certified health expert. I am not an expert in oils. I am a consumer who is learning about oils and how they can improve my life. Please do your own research, don’t replace medications without talking to a doctor.
Always talk to a doctor before beginning any health regimen. \\\

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