The Memory Thief by Lauren Mansy

I rather love the creative story of The Memory Thief by Lauren Mansey. While I wouldn’t want to steal memories from others, it would be amazing to see a duplication of a memory. For instance, how does my child remember our recent trip to Disneyland? I remember being hot and sweaty, desperately needing a nap. If I looked through his memory of the trip, what would I see from his perspective?

Dementia is a very real fear of mine. Imagine living in a world where your neighbor could force that upon you.

memory gifOur experiences and memories are what shape the people we are. In The Memory Thief, a “gifted” person could steal your most recent memory at the forefront of your mind, or all of them if they’re extremely talented. Every memory you have of your own mother could be swiped away until you don’t know if you ever had one. Yet, in the reverse, you might never have jumped off a cliff into the ocean, but you could buy that memory from someone who did. Following the purchase, the cliff jumper has no recollection of the jump.

Do you wish to have a mastery of art skills? Buy the skills at auction from the mind of an artist.

I found it impressive that there were several unpredictable moments. A reader is lucky if they’re blown away by at least one plot twist in a book. Lauren Mansey manages to surprise you several times with hidden agendas among the main characters, secret guilt, and overall surprises.  This slightly suspenseful, and very captivating story shares the pain of loss, the strength of new found love, and the courage to keep trying despite insurmountable odds.

Pre-Order Available. Releasing October 1, 2019. 

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