White wash/Gray wash Fireplace

For the whole year I’ve owned my home, I have disliked my gas fireplace. The stone was beautiful, but the colors were not my style. Brown tones were all the rage in 2006 when the house was built.

After pinterest research of “white wash fireplace” I read enough do’s and dont’s to make the decision to go for it myself.

Everyone has their opinions of how best to approach this, so I’ll tell you what I’ve done. I think it was fairly simple in comparison to others.

I used chalk paint.
That decision came from a very popular pin of a woman’s white wash fireplace. Like many others, I loved her transformation. So thanks to her, I used a chalk paint.

I didn’t clean it very well.
There are deep grooves between my stones. I suggest dusting through cracks with a dry brush. Wipe dust however you wish.

I went for it!
I didn’t measure paint/water. I just did a visual half and half. When dipping your brush, barely, touch the top of your water mixture. Shake the brush too. You can always layer more and more if it’s not dark enough. There is not the option to go backward.

The paint will settle at the bottom of the bucket. Keep that in mind for brush dipping. Stir it up every so often. 😉

Day one, I only used gray chalk paint. (Three center stones were loose.)
Using only gray didn’t provide enough dimension.
See the difference? I added white wash to certain stones and areas. Some stones very heavily and others just a few strokes.
white wash tutorial
white wash fireplace
White wash fireplace tutorial real mom pretend adult
The final photo. Same day as all the others, just different times of day.

After completing this project, I got excited and had to treat myself to a trip to Marshall’s. That said, I found a perfect chair and table for this room.

11 thoughts on “White wash/Gray wash Fireplace

  1. I have the same fireplace (as your before) and I am going after this exactly! I would love to know more about the exact colors you used and how much it took. Thanks so much! Jen


  2. I love the gray! My fireplace is almost exactly the same ugly orange. Which gray did you use? There’s “chalk gray” and “gray” kilz paint. Thank you so much!


  3. Hi
    I am getting ready to do this to my fireplace and am going to get the paint. In the photo, the can says platinum ring, but in a question above it says you used the chalk gray. I just want to make sure I’m using exactly what you used – can you clarify which one you used?


    1. Hi Nancy, I used Kilz brand “Chalk Style” paint. You’re right, I didn’t realize the Gray was actually Platinum Ring. I can’t believe I missed that! I thought I bought gray. I’m glad it worked out anyway.
      Good luck!


  4. I LOVE THIS! Great job! I am tackling this next week. Questions for you. Did you add water to the grey base coat of paint also? and then you said you just dap very little color on at a time and layer it after drying? Also did you do different areas with more grey etc like you did white? This is exactly the look im going for and don’t want to mess it up 🙂 Thank you


    1. Thank you!
      Yes, I added water to the gray coat also. The stone absorbs the liquid, which is why it seems like you have to do so many layers. If you’re nervous, take your time and start with very little on the brush. The mix should basically be colored water. Not thick at all.
      The stones in my fireplace were varying shades of brown and tan, so some of them needed more gray than others. The step of adding white really is what makes it pop.

      Good luck!!


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