Since We Fell by Dennis Lehane

This was almost a perfect thriller for me. I admit that the early story-line can feel a bit slow, but I knew that it had a purpose. Several reviewers complained about this but having finished Since We Fell by Dennis Lehane I am certain it was necessary to be able to understand our main character, Rachel Childs.

Rachel spends quite a bit of the book trying to find her biological father. Her mother was a bit cruel while raising Rachel. Dangling the last name of her father like a carrot just out of Rachel’s reach. The details surrounding her relationship with her mom, and the quest for her dad, are how we will later understand the decision Rachel makes in this book. It’s a little long, but it’s critical to the book.

Rachel runs into her husband several times in this story before ultimately connecting for a relationship. I imagine they’re both as attractive as this couple from the Lucifer TV show.

When you reach the thrilling twists and turns that you can always expect from a Dennis Lehane story, you will not be able to put the book down. Honestly, I was desperate to figure this one out. I knew something was off, but I was pleasantly surprised and thrown for several exciting loops.

What kept this book from getting a 5th star from me? A few intimacy scenes. They felt a little unrealistic. A little too fantasied. I’ve read enough erotica to know when it’s done well. 😀 That’s all, just my opinion. The scenes distracted me enough from the story to be bothersome. With that disclaimer made, I still say this book is well worth your time. I’ll read more from this author.

This book was the November pick from the book club in which I participate monthly. Following the meeting I plan to post my opinions from the book club questions for this story. We shall see if I follow through. 😛

– The Real Mom Pretend Adult

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