Mageborn by Jessica Thorne

Mageborn by Jessica Thorne gave me some intense feelings.

It seemed as though each chapter brought with it a more shocking revelation than the chapter before. Several times I imagined that I’d conclude reading for the night, only to binge-read until 3:00 am.

Golden magic resides in the Prince of Thorns

The mageborn of Rathlynn are mistrusted. All of them are to be collared to keep a control of their power. All mageborn are to pledge their dedication to the crown. When a mageborn loses control, they’re sent to the Prince of Thorns. The prince whom can siphon all of the magic from your body. Naturally, this is why Bastien (the prince) is greatly feared.

Red hot stubbornness lives within Grace

An orphan left to The Academy, Grace is a talented soldier. Loyal to the crown, but even more so to her own team of officers. Truth and justice are what rule her. Even so, she has her own secrets to protect. Secrets she doesn’t fully understand herself.

Grace and Bastien are thrown together under dire circumstances and find themselves up against unknown enemies of great force. Honestly there are too many twists in this story to count them on two hands. The pace of their journey will have you feeling electrified. Readers of Mageborn will be tensed at the edge, ready for a happily-ever-after before being thrown off balance, again and again.

Pre-order Mageborn on Amazon for $0.99 (a steal for such a great story) or read with Kindle Unlimited!

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