Where Winter Finds You by J.R. Ward

Where Winter Finds You is the follow up to “The Shadows” by J.R. Ward. These stories are from the Black Dagger Brotherhood series which I can’t recommend enough. If you enjoy vampire romance novels with dirty language, violence, humor, and a thrilling story line, go start yourself with “Dark Lover“. You won’t regret it.

Winter magic in Caldwell

Where Winter Finds You had a bit of holiday magic swept inside. A human experiences a miracle in this story and that’s just the warm up. Bitty is surprising aware and mature in handling her first holiday season in her adopted family. Throughout the book you feel as though you’re walking in the snow and experiencing the seasonal spirit that comes with December.

Well worth the four-year wait!

Having silently cried on an airplane next to strangers when reading The Shadows, I was desperate for this story. Trez loved and lost the greatest love he’d ever know. Naturally he’d be tempted to fall head first into a relationship with Therese. She is a visual twin of his lost wife. Trez navigating love after loss is both beautiful and tragic. Ward shows us how strong and yet how vulnerable a person must be in Trez’s situation.

Cheers to another J.R. Ward book rating of 5-stars. The only book of hers that didn’t get 5 from me would be “Lover at Last“. That one got about 25-stars.

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