Tell Me Your Secret by Dorothy Koomson

Pieta has a painful secret that she’s kept for years to protect herself. She’s done her best to hide from the man who kidnapped her for 48 hours. She moved to a new town, and changed her lifestyle choices, but she didn’t leave her career in the magazine industry. When asked to cover the story of “The Blindfolder” who kidnaps and blindfolds his victims for 48 hours, Pieta has to decide how she can help potential victims while also protecting herself.

Was she kidnapped, or did she go on a bender for the weekend?

Like many trauma survivors, Pieta’s first decision isn’t to tell someone what she’s survived. After losing her cell phone on the street, sending her family into a panic, she attempts to act as if all is well in her life. Besides, how do you describe your attacker if you never saw their face or where they took you?

Dorothy Koomson places the reader inside the room. Readers feel the fear and instinct for survival.

It’s not hard to imagine the difficulty of keeping your eyes closed for 48 hours. Try closing them for 5 minutes solid when you’re not going to sleep. Your eyes would be itching to open up. Now imagine the force of will it would take to keep them closed because opening them would cost you your life! Imagine the temptation to open your eyes when the room is silent because you think your attacker left the room. Did he truly leave?

Tell Me Your Secret is another thrilling story you won’t be able to put down. Dorothy Koomson delivers a suspenseful thriller with plenty of surprises that will have your jaw dropping.

The synopsis of the story should be a clear content warning for readers, but just to be clear, this story would be difficult to read for trauma survivors.

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