Week One of My Pandemic Life

I’ve decided to document my work-weeks while the world is navigating the COVID-19 Virus. I’m hoping in the future this will just be an interesting blip in my life and nothing more than that.

Monday, 03/16/20
First official school day that my kids were home. Six weeks to go from here. It feels surreal. It can’t possibly go as long as six weeks.

Tuesday, 03/17/20
I’m still going to work because we are a small number of people and we all have private offices. Came home to a packet of items from my 7-year old’s teacher on my porch. She’s so caring.

Wednesday, 03/18/20
Wow, homeschooling is strange. I’m thankful for Google Classroom. We don’t operate on a schedule. 7-yo does a few of the voluntary assignments per day in the evening when I get home. At work we held our bi-weekly meeting by phone. Less people are coming to work. The business we depend on being open have closed. Plan reviewers are working from home. Will they review from home?

Thursday, 03/19/20
Husband went to work at the fire station. He’ll be at work for 48-hours. The City is taking very serious measures at this point. Not likely he will be exposed but still possible. It’s my first day working from home. I can work efficiently until the dogs try jumping in my lap. 7-yo wants to use my computer.

Friday, 03/20/20
Husband has been on a few calls that were questionable. He’s been gowned up and masked like a doctor for them. I’m hoping it’s all just for extra caution. I’m busy with work at home, I just don’t get the occasional breaks in my friends’ offices. Instead breaks are to let the dogs out, get a snack, or simply move.

Drax tends to interrupt me while I work at home.

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