Week Two of My Pandemic Life

Monday 03/23/2020
We slept in past our normal morning routine but I still got to work (in my bedroom) at 9am. It feels like the 7-yo needs me for something every 15 minutes. He watched a video about habitats today, so the fort in his room right now is his own habitat. He’s hoping he can sleep in there alone but I’m not so optimistic. Today ended with the Governor issuing a 2-week shelter-in-place order.

“Zearn” math at home

Tuesday 03/24/2020
My son didn’t sleep in his habitat last night. đŸ˜›
Hubby is home from a 24-hour shift. Less people are calling 911 right now because they’re afraid to go to the hospital. I’ve accomplished quite a bit for work today. One of my breaks from the desk was to ninja fight my son. I miss our normal life but I admit I enjoy having this time with my kids. Their teachers have been amazing at providing activities for us to do.

Wednesday 03/25/2020
I spent most of today thinking it was Tuesday. My family is kind of settling into a routine at this point. 7-yo somewhat understands that mom is on the computer or near it until 5:00. Even so, mom gets pulled away for snacks, activities, mini-lessons of math and reading. When it came time to go to the store and he couldn’t come along and go to his grandma’s, the meaning of quarantine settled for him. He cried a bit, really wants to go to grandma’s house. “I don’t want to stay here for six weeks.” To make it all better we walked the dogs, played basketball, and played catch.

Thursday 03/26/2020
I’m working with my headphones on so I don’t have to listen to YouTube videos (don’t judge my parenting). 7-yo asked, “if I wash my hands and brush my teeth can I go to grandma’s?” LOL. He was able to have a zoom meeting with his teacher and some friends from class. That was exciting for him. No one knew he was wearing yesterday’s clothes.
I’ve learned that my house accumulates 6ft of dust in a single day. I’m constantly wiping surfaces because of dust, not the rona. The 14-yo finally cleaned her room today. She also did laundry, which is now all over the floor. So, it will be messy for another two weeks I’m sure.

Friday 03/27/20
Friday still feels like “Friday” in the work from home world. The kids miss grandma. 7-yo actually had a mini breakdown. He understands enough about what is going on, but it is irrelevant to his emotions. Obviously. He was happy to get on another Zoom meeting with his class for Friday for show-and-tell. He took the ipad in his room so I’m sure his friends saw all sorts of interesting things in there.

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