Week 3 and 4 of My Pandemic Life

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Monday 03/30/2020
The dark side of quarantine life is lurking around me. I keep smiling and taking care of everyone but I can feel the small crack in my foundation that I’m holding together is continuing to fracture. I’m doing my best. I have a new routine for this quarantine lifestyle and I stick to it the best I can. I don’t even want to write this out for memory, but this is real life. Shit sucks. Grateful for my family, job security, my home, my family. We’re safe and we’re healthy, we just gotta keep swimming.

Tuesday 03/31/2020
Muddy dogs are the worst. I want to concrete my whole back yard and be done with this issue. If we ever build a home we will have a big ass mud room, with a house designed around that. Took a walk “on the moon” with my son. We collected moon rocks near the “craters” while Dr. Seuss tried to follow us and steal our moon rocks. When we got home we painted them fun colors. He’s ready to give each one to certain people when we can see them again.

Wednesday 04/01/2020
Work has been interesting. We’ve been researching and writing letters left and right regarding construction during this time of job lock-downs in our state. This afternoon we went back to the “moon” which is a stream and trail near our house. Husband was off work today so with his help we were able to bring our two dogs Bella and Drax. Bella was full on swimming best she could while on a leash, Drax edged the water and splashed a bit. I still am not doing yoga at all despite wanting to get into a daily routine.

Thursday 04/02/2020
I did yoga today! Lower body stretches guided by a Youtuber. It was very helpful. I picked up my printer from my work office. Turns out the kids are all starting online schooling next week. Needed to prepare for that. I’ve moved the home office to the dining room and added a place for my 7-yo to do his upcoming work. We’ve acclimated to the new working space pretty well. I even printed him some coloring sheets that are now our office decor.

Monday 04/06/2020
Construction is not considered essential; therefore, materials and framing at one of my projects is just sitting out exposed to the elements until potentially May 4th. It’s insane. Several jurisdictions aren’t reviewing things electronically because they’re so old-school. It’s an interesting work landscape I’m navigating. I received my broker license a few weeks ago. I’ll hopefully get to finally make use of it this summer if things go back to “normal”.

Tuesday 04/07/2020
Last night we played “Santa” and delivered things like food, clothes, and even a bike to family and friends at their porches. We drew chalk designs at my niece’s house for her to color. She ran out and hugged my son before we could stop it. It was sweet. So, hopefully they’re both ok because it’s too late to stop transmission now.

Wednesday 04/08/2020
I think it was Monday the Governor declared schools closed for the year? I knew it was coming but it’s still extremely sad for the kiddos. The little ones didn’t get proper goodbyes from the teachers with whom they’ve bonded. The 14-yo came downstairs to tell me how much online school (starting next Tuesday) is going to suck. It’s three days a week, two classes per day, but apparently in-class is easier because “you can decide when to do something and you don’t have to pay attention” lol. She told me that I don’t understand because in the olden days we didn’t have to deal with this. I’ve reminded her I completed my Bachelor’s Degree online.

Thursday 04/09/2020
The teachers and staff from our elementary school drove a parade through all the neighborhoods to bring cheer to the kids who aren’t going back to school this year. I might have teared up a little.

Friday 04/10/2020
Today was a good day. The internet went down for a bit and all the children came at me at once to complain. Of course this is when I needed to get work from home finished. It was also ten minutes till noon when we were scheduled to do a Zoom meeting with my family. My cousin leads a 40 min workout for our family. We got it back up just in time for all five of us to work out. It was fun and I really LOVED seeing my family that is near, and also those in CA. I want to hug them all. This has started a new plan for us. We plan to workout every day as a family. I’m also hoping to snag a bike from offer-up.

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