Week 5 and 6 of My Pandemic Life

Monday 04/13/20
Husband worked a 24-hour shift today. Me and the kiddos against the virtual world! Last night after digging through all of the classes for my 13-yo son, I designed his weekly schedule. Today he started his list and was allowed to get back on Fortnite at 4:00pm. Currently, Monday isn’t a school day for my youngest which was helpful. All of them are going live tomorrow.

Tuesday 04/14/20
The day started with 45-min of trying to get my internet to work. How can I be connected and yet have no internet? COVID has made calling customer service for help an even more annoying process. You can’t get customer service just by repeating that over and over to the pre-recorded system. When it was fixed, all was well in the house outside of all the kids interrupting me constantly. Then when they all needed to be back online, internet down again. So glad I pay more than my cell phone data plan to have high-speed Xfinity. #firstworldproblems

Wednesday 04/15/20
Not one but TWO conference calls today. That was interesting. 7-yo came running inside afraid of a bee on my second call. It just comes with the work-from-home territory. I got a lot of work done on the area of our yard that we plan to gravel and add a fire pit. Husband helped me cut major branches off the tree that we once planned to cut down completely. Poor doggos haven’t been on their walk in three days. Tomorrow I can do better!

Friday 04/17/20
Today is our nine year wedding anniversary! We’d normally drop the kids with my mom and go out to eat somewhere. Instead, husband came off a 24-hour shift this morning with the cutest card. I always love his cards because he doesn’t pick the quick one-liner, he chooses the cute or funny ones that also are “true” to our marriage. By the evening, he cooked my favorite dinner. In hindsight, I wish I’d have thought of something special for him too. I’m lucky he doesn’t really care. Next year is the milestone 10 and we will escape to an island somewhere. I’m proud of us. We’ve been climbing in life together and we’re finally able to just enjoy our life together while continuing our progress.

Monday 04/20/20
Did anyone make funny memes about 4/20/20? If they did I missed them. The country is wrapped up in the increasing number of public protests for the economy to re-open. Armed with assault rifles and face masks, they protest their right to choose to work. “We’re all going to die anyway.” “I need a haircut.” It’s wild. I have loved ones strictly living in their homes without contact with their own grand and great grandchildren. I desperately hope they don’t catch this virus. But hey, get your hair cut lady.
Lucky for Americans, we have the right to carry huge guns and protest wherever we want. Good that sports are shutdown too. Imagine if someone quietly took a knee to protest injustice in our country instead of clogging the streets menacingly. The horror!

Tuesday through Friday
I’ve been painting with the cheap acrylics and kid paint brushes. None if it is realistic, but it has been fun. It’s been therapeutic.

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