Shipped by Angie Hockman

This book has me dreaming of a cruise through the Galapagos Islands

 As a person who said they’d never go on a cruise, it’s a testament to Angie Hockman’s story-telling that I’m now adding a Galapagos cruise to my bucket list. Hockman captures the beauty of the islands from her own personal travel of the area.

Shipped is so much more than a cute “chick-lit” romance.

Readers can expect a fun and flirty romance between our main characters Henley and Graeme (Graham). What is a little surprising is their depth and relatable natures. It’s easy to find yourself rooting for both Henley and Graeme to win the promotion their competing for. Prior to meeting Graeme, he appears to be a pompous man with rude email etiquette. She’s blown away to hear that she has to compete with him for a job she is more than qualified for, and for which she was next-in-line.

Henley represents the story of many career women. She’s working long hours, and making great efforts to impress her boss. The uphill struggle that many women experience in the corporate world. Her nemesis, Graeme, stands a few steps ahead of her in their boss’ favor. What some call the “old boys club” works for Graeme. They engage in friendly banter, talk sports, and the like after their company meetings. Graeme and Henley both have very good reasons to want/deserve the job.

How can one of them win the promotion without hurting their chance at true love?

I don’t know how to fully express the greatness of this sweet romance. It’s so much more than a girl meets boy love story. Henley is a great role model for readers. She struggles and doubts herself, yet pushes herself harder. Despite the niggling doubt she feels she also knows her worth. Henley won’t allow a corporate boss nor a drool-worthy co-worker to hold her back. The attraction and subsequent romance with Graeme is fulfilling, but it doesn’t define her. It also doesn’t define the whole book.

This was a perfect “have your cake and eat it too” kind of book. 

In Shipped, Angie Hockman has given readers a cute and funny love story in a very realistic setting of the Galápagos Islands. The cruise line and preservation efforts were fictional, but based on real life issues of the area. Part of what was so magical feeling about this book was the visual scapes and the other characters that Henley meets aboard the ship. Shipped gave me all the feels! 

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