I Know What You’ve Done by Dorothy Koomson

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Do any of us truly know our neighbors?

Once again, Dorothy Koomson has written a flawless thriller that you’ll be compelled to read in one day. “I Know What You’ve Done” is the story of an affluent neighborhood called Acacia Village and the dark dirty secrets of each household. When Priscilla shows up at Rae’s house, on the brink of death, she thrusts a diary into Rae’s hands. What follows is a deep dive into a catalogue of all of Rae’s neighbors’ sins. Including her own husband. Of course Rae should turn it in to the cops to help find Priscilla’s assailant. She just needs to read it first.

Koomson really impressed me with her intricate weaving of various families within one neighborhood. No household in Acacia Village existed without secrets and surprises. Several of them were linked in a scandal, but also had a separate scandal running parallel to another. It was truly fascinating. Some of the seemingly mundane issues between neighbors turn out to be key in the main plot.

While I’m a clear law-abiding citizen that would immediately hand over Priscilla’s notebook of suspects, I understand the need to know all of the secrets. I would be incredibly tempted to read all the things I don’t know about my husband if he were mentioned in such a book. Honestly, Koomson’s characters discuss secrets that are in the notebook, but we aren’t clued into what they’re talking about right away. She is the master of writing a mystery to last across many chapters, keeping readers enthralled.

The surprise revelation in the final chapter will blow you away!

Trust me, your jaw will hit the floor when you read the final chapter of I Know What You’ve Done. I’m a seasoned reader than can usually smell a good plot twist. In this case, I was blindsided. I was struck speechless. Honestly, 5-stars doesn’t do this story justice. The next person to ask me for a book recommendation will be hearing about this book.

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