Ashes of Gold – Street Team

I just got the great news – I’m part of the Ashes of Gold Street Team!!

This wasn’t a random selection. I applied, like many others, and made the cut. Maybe it’s clear to J. Elle that I’m a die hard for this series. SERIOUSLY. Let’s remove The Great Gatsby, Romeo and Juliet, or Of Mice and Men from the high school curriculums and replace it with Wings of Ebony. How do I start a nationwide petition? There’s a great lesson in here for young readers about the challenges people of color continue to face. Not everyone wants to face that truth, or chooses to ignore it because it’s not their own truth. Even so, this series delivers a raw and beautifully empowering story of a teen rising up against those trying to keep her down. Throw in some magic, and teen drama to keep it interesting.

I’ve gotten side tracked. I really just needed to tell everyone possible that I’m ecstatic right now!

Ashes of Gold will bless us all on January 11, 2022.

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