School Supply Drive for the Vancouver School District

I am always looking for a way to help others less fortunate than my family. We don’t have a lot, but I know others struggle harder than we do. Kids in need really pull on my heart strings. My daughter will come home from school with flyers regarding the purchase of a school shirt or donations of items to school events, and it always asks if we can donate an additional item or $2 for another student who can’t. Of course I do, every time. I want to make a bigger impact than an additional $2. I asked my employer … Continue reading School Supply Drive for the Vancouver School District

Grayson’s Baby Suite, Part One

You may already know that I’m having a baby and that it’s a boy. We had his name picked out long before this pregnancy which makes me think that he was destined to be. Due this November is our son Grayson. Feedback for his name has been amazing. While I didn’t ask for opinions, because quite honestly since welove Grayson it doesn’t matter if others do, it seems that our name choice is adored by many. Plenty of people have said that they love our name. To those people I say “Thank you” we love it too. Credit is due … Continue reading Grayson’s Baby Suite, Part One

Hello Sweet Gummy Bear

Gummy Bear at 9 Weeks 3 Days | Due Nov. 25th I don’t like gummy bears. I don’t like any candy that is gummy. I’ve always been weird about textures and gummies is one of those that make me gag. So when I’m lying down having my fourth ultra sound and my doctor says “there’s your gummy bear” you’d think I’d be repulsed. Well of course it’s the most precious sight in my world because it’s my growing baby which until that moment I’d called baby, baby A, or Gradynn (a combination of my pre-picked boy and girl names). Now … Continue reading Hello Sweet Gummy Bear

Toilet Paper Rolls Re-Used

I really… really… don’t enjoy cleaning my house. Who enjoys it anyway? We have around 970 SF and I can’t keep up with it all the time. What will I do when we move to a bigger house one day. EEK! I told myself I’d fold towels, put laundry away, wash laundry, and put the kids laundry away, all after I got off work. This is on top of cooking dinner and cleaning up the mess I left in the kitchen this morning. Wishful thinking. Instead I decided to do something fun with my daughter today. There will always be … Continue reading Toilet Paper Rolls Re-Used

Time is money?

Most of us have heard that saying “time is money”. Really, what does that mean? We all know that famous sayings start out with “well you know what they say”… who is they? In this case, according to Wikipedia, “they” refers to Benjamin Franklin.  “Time is money” is a saying first promulgated by Benjamin Franklin referring to the notion that time is valuable and money is wasted when a person’s time is not used productively. The phrase may also refer to: ·         Time is Money (South Park Mexican album), a hip hop album released in 2000 ·         Time Is Money … Continue reading Time is money?

Burning Bottle Bottoms

My girlfriends and I burned the bottoms off of glass bottles last weekend. We saw a picture of them on Pinterest with pillar candles inside. It’s quite pretty actually. We had a good time and were pretty mesmerized by the fire, or possibly the fumes from the acetone. We learned that some bottles are just too thick to be cut. Pelligrino sparkling water glass bottles were the ones that cut best. (Good marketing angle there.) We also learned that you have to use a cheap cotton yarn, nothing fancier than that or it won’t work. What you need: Glass bottle … Continue reading Burning Bottle Bottoms

Beads are a Girl’s Best Friend

Last night I let Halle stay up to make a necklace using her bead kit. It was a birthday gift from her friend Max. She surprised me with her concentration and skill in necklace creation. She made a pattern and both sides were symmetrical. It was fun. I promised her that she could wear it to school the next day. When we finished she said, “Mommy, do you think this should be a project I do with my Nani (her super fun auntie) or with you?” I replied that it’s up to her. She surprised me again when she said … Continue reading Beads are a Girl’s Best Friend

Procrastination – My Super Power

pro·cras·ti·na·tion [proh-kras-tuh-ney-shuhn, pruh‐]  n.The act or habit of procrastinating, or putting off or delaying, especially something requiring immediate attention. Why do I procrastinate? I have told myself “I won’t procrastinate next time” but then of course I do. I can trace back to my elementary school days. I’d wait until the last minute to do a project and my mom would be so mad at me. She’d ask why I always wait until the last minute. Then we’d begin work and hurriedly put something together. I know this will drive me crazy when Halle does it to me. I’ll ask … Continue reading Procrastination – My Super Power

Can You be Zero?

Yesterday evening, we went to visit my nephew Mason at home. He’s been out of the hospital for one whole day at this point and my son Isaiah hadn’t met him yet. I assumed that he wouldn’t really be interested in an infant but I took him anyway because he should meet his new cousin. At first he was a little apprehensive. I offered to sit by him with the baby and he said no and instead sat further away from me. After some time he did come close to me and even asked to hold him. It was precious. … Continue reading Can You be Zero?

Did You Love Twilight?

I know that half of the female world fell in love with Edward Cullen in the first Twilight book. I’ll include myself. Did he look like Rob Pattinson in my imagination? Definitely not. But the idea of a guy with such a personality and dedication to a woman was the dream.  If you liked the series, meaning that you weren’t turned off by vampires that sparkle, werewolves that fight them, and adults imprinting with toddlers, then you should check out City of Bones from The Mortal Instrument Series. It has vamps but not the nice sparkly ones. It also has … Continue reading Did You Love Twilight?