"Have I Drooped?"

We are well into March of 2013 and I am finally returning to my blog. After I had my son Grayson on November 19th I just didn’t have the energy to do anything extra. Once I gained some energy and some much needed sleep, all I wanted to do was focus on him. Every minute possible of my twelve week maternity leave was spent with him. The house certainly wasn’t kept amazingly clean. After all, when would I have another twelve weeks to spend with my son? Aside from new baby, I’ve taken on a few more tasks to fill up my time. … Continue reading "Have I Drooped?"

Bring Home the Goodies!!

KIDS!! I have to write about my kids; all the time. Get used to it! Today I am just anxiously thinking about my baby shower. It is in just two days. I am looking forward to celebrating that my husband and I successfully created a human being who jumps around in my womb. Let’s all jump around in joy for the little boy who will be born in around six more weeks! This is obviously my second baby shower. Well third really because I had two when I was pregnant with my daughter. I’ll also have a fourth in two … Continue reading Bring Home the Goodies!!

Oh I’m Having a Boy!

It’s no secret that the bundle of joy in my belly is a boy. His name is Grayson. If you know me even from a distance then you already know that. Why am I bringing it up like its brand new information? Well because sometimes it catches me off guard. As if I haven’t known for months. When I was pregnant with my daughter Halle, I day dreamed about how she would look and how she would behave. I really wanted her to have my nose. I also would have made a deal with the devil if it meant she … Continue reading Oh I’m Having a Boy!

Losing You…

A year ago, I lost my second child. I’ll never know why. It took a long time to stop being so angry about the unfairness of it all. I’ve never felt so much loss and pain in my life before. There truly isn’t an adequate way to describe this experience. The crazy thing to consider is that I didn’t meet this baby, nor did I know if it was a he or she. All I knew was that it was my baby and therefore it meant the whole world to me. Losing my baby was harder than losing family members … Continue reading Losing You…

Grayson’s Baby Suite, Part One

You may already know that I’m having a baby and that it’s a boy. We had his name picked out long before this pregnancy which makes me think that he was destined to be. Due this November is our son Grayson. Feedback for his name has been amazing. While I didn’t ask for opinions, because quite honestly since welove Grayson it doesn’t matter if others do, it seems that our name choice is adored by many. Plenty of people have said that they love our name. To those people I say “Thank you” we love it too. Credit is due … Continue reading Grayson’s Baby Suite, Part One

Wild and Crazy Dreams

If you’ve been pregnant, or know someone who has been pregnant than you know that one of the common “symptoms” is crazy dreams. I know it doesn’t sound legit but it’s very much true. I had wild dreams with my first pregnancy and this time is no different. I had fun logging some of them to share on my blog after I officially announced I was pregnant. Lately the dreams aren’t as crazy or occurring as often. Here are some of the odd, wild, and funny ones I’ve had in my first trimester. 3/17/12 – My husband’s ex-girlfriend and her … Continue reading Wild and Crazy Dreams

Can You be Zero?

Yesterday evening, we went to visit my nephew Mason at home. He’s been out of the hospital for one whole day at this point and my son Isaiah hadn’t met him yet. I assumed that he wouldn’t really be interested in an infant but I took him anyway because he should meet his new cousin. At first he was a little apprehensive. I offered to sit by him with the baby and he said no and instead sat further away from me. After some time he did come close to me and even asked to hold him. It was precious. … Continue reading Can You be Zero?

An Early Arrival in Our Family

My nephew Mason was born March 5th, weighing in at 6.1 pounds and 19 inches. He’s a teeny little bean. He just couldn’t wait to meet his super cool auntie so he pushed his way out 24 days early. He is perfectly healthy and has a gorgeous head of hair. I am so excited about this new role of auntie. He will be loved, adored and spoiled by me. Holding him in my arms with my 6 year old daughter was surreal. I kept having flash backs to that moment in my life when she was so tiny. She was … Continue reading An Early Arrival in Our Family