Cruelty Among Girls, Is it a Rite of Passage?

My daughter’s first “mean girl” experience was in Kindergarten. A girl in class brought toys and things to school and gave them to her friends but always left my daughter out. “Mommy, how come she doesn’t bring one for me?” The mama bear in me wanted to attack. It hurt my heart. Fast forward to the 6th grade, the girl drama has advanced with age. Most women will tell you that middle school was a fierce time to be a girl. We learn to be snarky, survive other girls who are snarky, and basically skate by hoping to survive social … Continue reading Cruelty Among Girls, Is it a Rite of Passage?

Nerdy Thirty

Today, I am thirty years old. In my early twenties I joked that I felt thirty because of the toll my kids took on my life. Turning thirty I can appreciate how young it actually feels. It’s not how I expected it to feel. I am grateful for another year of life. Not everyone is given the chance to live to the young age of thirty. I appreciate my birthdays for what they are, a celebration of another year lived on earth. I decided to make a list of 30 things I’ve experienced over 30 years. I’ve lived in two … Continue reading Nerdy Thirty

Holding on to the Light

Yesterday I had a very enlightening day. Lately I have been feeling slightly overwhelmed and over worked. I can relate this abundance of stress to having missed hot yoga for over a week now. I didn’t truly appreciate how much that really does soothe me. However, I still managed to end the day feeling like I had been moved positively yesterday. It started with a blog post shared by a friend on Facebook. It was a long blog and took some time and dedication to read it all through. When I say dedication, I mean it. The post was from … Continue reading Holding on to the Light

"Have I Drooped?"

We are well into March of 2013 and I am finally returning to my blog. After I had my son Grayson on November 19th I just didn’t have the energy to do anything extra. Once I gained some energy and some much needed sleep, all I wanted to do was focus on him. Every minute possible of my twelve week maternity leave was spent with him. The house certainly wasn’t kept amazingly clean. After all, when would I have another twelve weeks to spend with my son? Aside from new baby, I’ve taken on a few more tasks to fill up my time. … Continue reading "Have I Drooped?"

Bring Home the Goodies!!

KIDS!! I have to write about my kids; all the time. Get used to it! Today I am just anxiously thinking about my baby shower. It is in just two days. I am looking forward to celebrating that my husband and I successfully created a human being who jumps around in my womb. Let’s all jump around in joy for the little boy who will be born in around six more weeks! This is obviously my second baby shower. Well third really because I had two when I was pregnant with my daughter. I’ll also have a fourth in two … Continue reading Bring Home the Goodies!!

Oh I’m Having a Boy!

It’s no secret that the bundle of joy in my belly is a boy. His name is Grayson. If you know me even from a distance then you already know that. Why am I bringing it up like its brand new information? Well because sometimes it catches me off guard. As if I haven’t known for months. When I was pregnant with my daughter Halle, I day dreamed about how she would look and how she would behave. I really wanted her to have my nose. I also would have made a deal with the devil if it meant she … Continue reading Oh I’m Having a Boy!